Rough animation - walking up the stairs [Update]

I’m trying to get back into using blender again so I thought I do a little animation. I had no idea how to do the rigging but I think I worked it out. Well anyway next time I know a few things to avoid.

Any feedback would be cool :slight_smile:

Cool, better than I could do, but I haven’t really tried character animation yet. If you some feedback I would suggest making his arms and his body move because they just hang there and don’t do anything. He also looks a bit robotic as well.
Still good work though.
Keep it up :yes:

Check out BlendSwap. They have rigged characters you can download and use to do animations.

LittleMonkey - thanks a lot and yeah really should of moved the body and arms a little more.

Orinoco - yeah I have done. thanks for the link. I also wanted to learn how to rig myself. I think I’m getting the hang of it but we’ll see.

I did another test for rigging. This rig is much better and easy to control. So happy with it. The animation isn’t top shape but I got the hands moving as well this time. It’s not as static. anyway, let me know what you think of this one.

Here is the best Blender rigging tutorialI’ve seen. Check it out. :yes: