ROUGH DRAFT: Seems as if the ISO is too high for my test render

NOTE: The Scene is very Incomplete, I wanted to test my lighting.

So I was playing around with the lighting settings but I cant seem to find an option to limit the fireflys or not make the render so grainy. There is the denoise option but it looks more like it is smearing the image which I don’t want. I was wondering if anybody can give tips on some settings that could help with the render

Render with No denoise and 500 samples

Render with Denoise and 300 samples

The noise is a result of the difficult lighting situation and volumetrics. You will need many more samples in order to get rid of the noise, and adding the denoiser on top might help to smooth out the last bit of noise.

Ok, That makes sense. I will definitely put that to use. Thank you for the help!