Rough mesh from mesh.


I’m trying to do a script that automatically gives a rough mesh from a mesh.

The purpose is to select several vertices on a mesh and create a mesh (or transform the initial mesh) from those without changing their coordinates (!important!).
I already tried “PointCloudSkinner” addon but it doesn’t give a good result with the mesh I’m working on.

Did you try limited dissolve?

If you don’t want to get into complex coding you might use -as codemanx suggests- the dissolve modifier but if you are not satisfied with the results check MeshLab as well, because it’s extremely specialized in such geometry operations.

If you have any results respond here.

Wouldn’t this be the decimate modifier?

I was referring to the Limited Dissolve operator, found in the X menu in edit-mode of a mesh. But of course there is also the Decimate modifier, Remove Doubles operator and maybe a few other things that can be somehow used to create a coarse mesh.

Thanks for the answers !
Decimate modifier doesn’t work well if I want to keep some vertices, I don’t have control on them.

Oh, but you (to a certain extent) can! If you use Decimate in Collapse mode, you can use a vertex group to control which vertices are to be respected, and which one are to go. It isn’t perfect and, if a vertex really needs to go, it will go, but you at least have some control.

I’ll try it, thank you !