Rough Version Of BlenderTrain


I finally stripped down the file size of the train and posted an windows exe and a blend at

I just scored a great new job so I wont be working on the train for a bit,
please download and tell me what you think.
I know the coalmine and power station and terrain and scenery aren’t done/finished yet but it all drives properly etc

3dguru check out the way I use python in the blend file.If anyone feels like working on scenery and textures go for it.I think it would look pretty good with quality textures and lighting.I have also worked out switching tracks and un/coupling cars but aren’t in this version yet.

Also the tutorial on how I made the train run along a curve is a bit out
of date as I now use python to drive as many cars as you like with a couple of scripts.You only have to ipo 1 empty and python does the rest.

Have fun:)

Dr S

Great job man!
and congrats with the new one you scored :wink:

I would like to give some C&C but its still DLDing, I am DLDing both. one to see the runtime outcome and one to compare the actual settings in the BGE.



wow , i will be downloading the files
ok , maybe i will create the texs if i was able to …

i can not explain how far elysiun members are kind :slight_smile: