Round borders

How do you often round borders like these ones without bevel or bevel center?

In other programs such as 3dmax it’s simple (ngons). It must be a quick way in blender while maintaining quads.

Look into subsurf modeling. Round borders are possible with correct placement of edge loops and perhaps use of crease. Although additional edge loops work better in most cases. Further you can use EdgeSplit modifier with subsurfs to get sharp edges.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use the bevel tool? Just wondering, because I used to hate it until I learned how to have a little bit more control over it.

I mean doing something like this… but it must be another way because modeling with spin it’s accurate but sloow.

I made a tiny example of subsurf modeling for you. Check out , and .

Ah, I see what you are trying to do. Yeah, thats why you dont want to use bevel hehe

I don’t dislike to work with measurements, angles, spins etc, in fact, I enjoy them… but they are a waste of time. If I could only have the chamfer MAX tool in Blender, I 'd be happy. (well i should add microdisplacement and 3d painting too :eyebrowlift:)

Any other idea that could be useful?

Well. There was a project that aimed to add bevel tool to Blender. ( It went well. Check out or download a build to see how it works. There is both traditional tool and a modifier available. It is not yet in the main branch though.

Microdisplacement is currently under development (search for QuietDune) for project Peach. Expect to hear more about it soon.

Basic 3D painting capabilities can already be found. See . There are also vertex painting tools that are useful for some cases ( Further you can bake your procedural textures on your UV unwrap and continue to refine it using texture paint.

Well so we’ll have to wait for 2.5 to be out!