Round Hole in a Square Plane

I know this is easy… I just can’t remember how I did it last time.

I have a plane subdivided into 16 squares. I want to make the 4 inside squares form a round hole. How do I do it?

Use the “make sphere” function. Just press space to pull up the menu after you’ve selected your polys and type “make sphere” - click or press enter on the function. Dragging your mouse will adjust how round it is and simply click it complete the operation.

I realize now that nothing will work because I’m trying to do this on a mirrored axis.

It’s fine if it’s mirrored.

Put the cursor at the center of the hole.
Change pivot rotation to From Cursor.
Last activate either ‘To Sphere’ command by searching or Shift + Alt + S by default shortcut

Yup, that worked. Thanks.

@Anthony Forwood, forget that. Just use the LoopTools add-on. It has many helpful and powerful tools including ‘circle’, which not-surprisingly makes a circle out of edge loops. It works on mirrored objects too.

I went through all the loop tools. I’m sure one of them would have worked… User malfunction.

Make sure you’ve applied all transformations to objects and also re-calculated all their normal’s in order for the tools to work properly. Circle tool is known to malfunction sometimes, but in 95% of time it works as expected.