Rounded Edge Shader is lacking a major feature

There needs to be a way for it to blend with multiple objects rather than requiring that they all be joined together. Doing it on the material level would be a great step, and it’s the same way Modo handles it as well - there’s an check box in the material to “Blend With Other Objects” or something to that effect.

The power in this is that it allows you to use hard surface beveling on certain objects that require it, and have them blend into bigger more organic sub-d modeled shapes. That’s where the rounded edge shader really shines.

Here’s a comparison image of what I’m talking about in case it isn’t clear:

The render on the far right is the ideal solution, with the ability to have it blend with other objects via a checkbox in the material itself.

This is how Tor Frick is able to create models like this:

The main body of that spider-mech is a big sub d shape, and everything else sticking out of it is its own object, which allows it to have specific modifiers, specific sub-d properties, etc.

I’m new here, but is there a way to submit this as a feature request? It’s the last holdout to making the Blender rounded edge shader as good as the competition.

Looks possible to me…

@greenorangejuice: You have missed the point. In your example, you joined both cubes into the same mesh. That’s exactly not what the op was referring to.

greetings, Kologe


Wait. Okay. So I’ve been spending all this time beveling for extra smoothness, and it turns out that instead of spending all this time combining my meshes, and hammering loop select, I can just do it in 5 seconds with a freaking shader?

…can you bake the effect to a normal?

Yes. I’ve only been messing about in Blender a few months and I’ve been baking the shader down for assets. How have you missed it? :smiley: Also, it’s a great concepting workflow. Nothing new though, been around since MentalRay was popular.

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I dunno how I missed this. Wish someone told me about this earlier though, I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life…


As a workaround you can use boolean modifier and keep it live

Yes you can bake the result

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boolean defeats the purpose because it often ruins the shading of the surrounding polygons, and the whole point is to not have to worry about combining things together to keep them as editable as possible

It was only added about a year ago I think.