Rounded or beveled Fill cap on a Curve

I am using curves to create a path, then mapping another closed curve to it as a bevel object. then I am animating the bevel along the curve to make it look like a ribbon moving through the 3d space. I have found the “fill caps” option, and that is great, but I have seen with other animations (not sure if blender was used) where they had rounded fill caps. is this possible in blender?

Use a taper object and give it enough resolution to have a round shape.

Hey JA12, this works but when I use a Bezier Curve as the Taper Object, my original cylinder goes from being as long as the Nurbs Path I used to define its length/shape to being tiny (pic below) - how can I stop this from happening and only having the Taper apply at the very ends of the cylinder?