Rounding edges

so, supposing you have a cube, or a 3d pixel art style object, is there an easy way to round the edges just ever so slightly, so they’re not as sharp.

I tested bevel tool, but it doesn’t work for adjacent edges and would take too long otherwise.

If you still don’t understand what I’m getting at, this is a great example:

Use the bevel and then change the number of segments, maybe then you can use subsurf

But you can’t use bevel for adjacent edges, and it would take ages to use such a technique on a more complex object.
There’s got to be another way to do this…

what are you talking about? example? how about a picture showing the problem, and a description detailing how you are using bevel (modifier, add on, etc)

oh, never mind, I forgot you could use bevel tool for larger objects, and thought you had to do it on an edge by edge basis.
my mistake, your technique should work perfectly.