Rounding Edges

Hello, I’m still learning to model in blender and I’m trying to round the edges of this cube. I have tried the subsurf tool and the bevel edge modifier as well but I still can’t get the corners rounded off to the desired look as is shown in the reference picture (the base). Could someone assist me please.


peet.blend (508 KB)

to the desired look as is shown in the reference picture (the base).
You didin’t include the reference image in your blend file (File / External Data)

My apologies:

Could be done like this:

Thank-you so much! Might I inquire how you achieved this? I spent several hours trying to figure out how to round it properly?

Start with a default cube, scale, Apply scale. Add subsurf modifier and make some loopcuts - bring them so that you have roundness as you see fit. Subsurf modifier needs to be seen in edit mode to do this - check it’s visibility button for edit mode. Then just observe what modifier does when loop or some vertex is moved. To get round hole delete one face and use LoopTools addon Circle command with selected border vertices.
Mirror modifier helps - you have 2 times less work to do ;).

The mirror was a wonderful idea! And I think I’ve got the jist of the subsurfing and loopcutting. However, I cant figure out how to use the circle loop tool. I’m looking up tutorials but nothing is helping. And since I’ve already made loopcuts on the cube, it distorts the desired shape when I subdivide the surfaces again to create the hole.

That would be shortly how-to…

If Subdiv is used, additional loops might be not needed; again, make Subdiv visible during edit and check Optimal Display to see it stretching the mesh.