rounding out angles

I’m a complete newb and have done a few tutorials. I have a project I want to design and have hit a stumbling block right out of the gate.

I want to design a ship hull. I’ve blocked out the basic design, but I don’t know what the best way to take this blocky structure and round out some of the angles.

Please give me some advice.


check the wiki manual on ‘subsurf modifier’, and on ‘set smooth’ button.

Ok, so subsurf rounds out everything. Even creased, the edges aren’t square. Set smooth seems to get me closer. Thanks.

Now the deck still has that 30ish degree angle from the bow to the rest of the hull. I want the top to be flat, and I want the edge of the top to be (basically) square to the wall of the hull. Is there a tool that I can select two edges and smooth them on a specific plane?

it’s hard to undersand what you want, but you should think in terms of scaling vertices. For example, if I have a diagnol line (edge) between two vetices, I will select the two vertices, and press S for scale, then press x (or one of the other axis) to constrain it to one plane, then I can scale vertexes closer and the angle will be less. or if you just want one vertex to move, grab it and press xyorz to contrain to one plane and move it. you have to think in terms of where do I want that vertex and then just put it there somehow. You’ll soon discover all kinds of ways to do things

Select the vertices you want smoothed, then Wkey / Smooth. It is an easy method which works for me on organic models. Not sure how it would work for mechanical modeling, but it’s worth a try. There’s always Ctrl Z :smiley: .
Subsurf rounds out everything, but you could add edgeloops then slide them toward the corners to sharpen the curves.