Hi ,

My entire render in the “NVArt5 Competition - ACCELERATE”
Blender and lux0.6

and full :


Route 66 has changed last time I saw it.

Good render.

thank you :slight_smile:


(Végre egy magyar az oldalon!)

Awesome render,I love the car designs!

the nav on the car looks like its a TomTom nav :smiley:

Looks great but the two other cars looks like they are standing still. Maybe it’s the lack of motion blur. There is a lot of sand there but I don’t see dust in the air. It also looks like half the image has bee cut off. Usually when showing off a car there is a sky visible. Did a quick photoshop paintover to show what I mean. I hope you don’t mind. Good luck in the competition.



Thank you , bigbad ok and thanks :slight_smile:

great job on the tire smoke! (but shouldn’t the rear wheel be all motion blurred out for that wheelspin?)