Router & Modem

we got a new internet line 2 weeks ago with some new equipments
so decided to model these

happy cycles

does it fly ? seems 5mm higher than the ground…:stuck_out_tongue:

still a wip !

have to add something like a desk or else and add connectors wire
also need to add the motor logo on the modem’s sides

i left the modem bluish cause if i make it black not cetain this will render nicely as a mat material!


:slight_smile: i was joking of course !
it is an high poly model or a simple mesh with texture ?

well more medium res but close to high res

simple proc texture in cycles

did use the bevel tool a lot on this which is great new tool in 2.6

the most difficult part is to get the right blur for the LED lamps in cycles
cause we dont’ really have volume yet !


here is the modem with back connectors

happy cycles

here is a a more advance on this model

happy cycles