Roxanne ~ Sculpt, Reto, and Rigging

Hey, everyone!

Relatively new to Blender but this is my second attempt at a sculpt and my first serious attempt at one that will use retopology and rigging.

I’m using this class so far, but would of course be open to any and all critiques concerning the overall sculpt, approaches, and or suggestion of techniques to mitigate beginner pitfalls.

My Goals:

  • Implementing effective retopology.
  • Rigging for posing and basic animation.
  • Potentially implement nodes for clothing texture and basic fur texture.

Below’s a screenshot of where my model’s at right now. :smile:

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I do have a preemptive question to ask about topology.

What you’re seeing above is likely a rookie mistake concerning what I did with my subD and dyno during sculpting parts individually. Either way, it’s created these “seams” where body parts were merged that are hard to get rid of.

My questions are:

[1] Is it best to remesh areas with seams?

[2] If so, is there a way to only remesh specific areas of an entire object? I would like to leave the face untouched due to not wanting to resculpt the mouth again. I tried masking off the mouth I didn’t want remeshed but it remeshes them anyways.

[3] Is it good practice to remesh your sculpt before getting too detailed so most of the topology is the same resolution?

Apparently, attempt four at the hand was the charm! Gotta’ merge her fingers but I’ll do that later once my eyes get a break. Thankfully this only took 30min or so.