Royal hall

Hi there!

This is my last personal project, I’ve been working on it for the last 3 weeks more or less.

Is all done in blender, characters and statues basemeshes from daz and clothes in marvelous designer.

really tricky lighting for this one, but cycles is really becoming a beast. Those shots were rendered in about 35 minutes per frame on a 1060. I also learned some really good thing about mem optimization.

I hope you like it, please comment! :slight_smile:


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I liked it :slight_smile: very stylistic and a lot of details.

Looks great! We can see that you’ve worked hard for this, well done!

that’s a fine piece of work, even though it is relativly easy to make things look good with marblestextures, you reached a very high level using it.

but there is one thing i like to suggest: when i first red the title, i red royal HELL and the picture down to the round room created a vision in my brain. it might be interesting to develope your royal hall into royal hell.

Lovely work. So much detail. Let me take another look.

You have obviously put a lot of work into it, terrific detail and gorgeous lighting. The volumetrics also really help to add depth.

Considering you bumped into your card’s memory limit, it might be too much to ask for some modeling of structures and terrain for the background (though you can do them in a separate layer and composite as an alternative).

Whooh, wow. Very atmospheric!
If anything, it’s not gaudy enough, and too abstract for an authentic roman scene. The dais is a bit odd too, probably would be pretty windy up there.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!! :slight_smile:

ahah that’s a nice idea indeed! I think I can imagine what you are thinking about! That’d be cool… This project for now is closed however, but that’s some nice idea to develop for sure. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I still had some memory left actually… magic of instancing! :smiley: I have some idea of developing the exterior of the palace that’s be nice, but I was thinking more as an entire scene more than for the background of this one. I imagine the palace to be on a high cliff. There’s would be a city behind thou, but you can’t see it from these viewpoints :slight_smile:

thanks for the comment! Yes for sure some more elaborated decorations and reliefs would have been nice… I really felt I had to close this project for now however and move on. I have some asset I can reuse next time now, so I can focus more on these for the next projects :slight_smile:

About the dais don’t know… the king is a strong guy, he can take some breeze :smiley:

Anyway I would like to stress that while the base for the structures is quite accurate (I used real corinthian order proportions for columns, capitols and mouldings), the following steps were a bit more “free”, just following my imagination and taste :slight_smile:

I like this very much. Very nice color harmony.

Wow, this is awesome! Great work, I like the atmosphere you created with the lighting, very cinematic :slight_smile:

Lovely stuff, reminds me of that Ryse son of Rome game.
Great job on pretty much… everything. Deserves top row.

Wonderous amount of detail, thanks for sharing!

This is gorgeous. Is the temple located on a mountaintop, or open plain? I love how low the lightning is and shining through the entire temple. You have an eye for composition!

My throne room looks like crap in comparison to this… >);_;)>

I would like to learm a lot of things by you…wonderful work

this is really crazy, awesome work, I want to ask, the wall’s look bit so smooth and reflectev, is this something you wanted or something else. because I thought wall’s should be a little more rough ,but other than that it’s super awesome

Love the strong color theme adherence. Stunning angles that shows depth and scale beautifully, and I generally agree with everything already said. The only thing that really bothers me repetitive textures seen in every shot. I doubt you would find natural marble looking that identical :slight_smile: For instanced (marble) objects you could use object info/random to drive a noise (42.5, 0, 42.5 produces variations in three channels) to drive texture offsets and rotations, possibly mixed with another one doing the same thing (different noise settings). Added info here to explain what I mean, to not pollute this thread with external images.

Thank you all for your comments! It’s great to get such a feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I imagine it to be on a high cliff over the sea

Thanks you I am glad you like it! :slight_smile: The red wall is painted plaster. If you look carefully on some of the shots you can see some aging of the paint on it. Not sure if I got it right, but I imagine the plaster to be slightly reflective… might be too much thou :slight_smile:

That’s some good comment and even better tip you gave me! Thank you very much, I will put this to good use! :slight_smile: