Royal Imp

Memories of child hood, being a royal imp:) Is a first mesh with an illustration in mind for a small story type scene with two other charicters. Yet would like to concider a fine art finish with the elements in dramatic lighting.

Please don’t restrict your crit to the image I’ve show as I will be refreshing the image anew with a proper lp mesh and smarter loops.

Wondering about the last wip I’d worked is here

The imp mesh is hp with AO.

Blender interal render


Interesting design. I’m curious to see more.

Hi, -here ya go. I so wish I was showing the finished figure as there would be no question as to the aspects creating the whole. Yet for now, am gearing up to take the wacom into ps and do more conceptual work. The need for this can be seen in the profile. The foot ball skull the jaw placement will be less human and the nose has to be more trim and more crooked, body, crwn, ect. Any crits are welocme, if you have a different vision as to the look of such a creature, that would be fun to see.


The modeling is great the material/textures need some work. You are losing detail of the model with the material choice. Are you planing on a environment?

Thanks - still loads to do modeling, yet seems to be improving.

The mats arent great by any means, yet getting most my info blending, hoping to loose the curve asp.

Scene would be great yet not wanting to suffer the display of my imp. Yet would be more intresting in his own eviroment would synk him up.

You could try something dark and simple for the environment. like maybe a fire-lit cave. All you would need to show is just a lick or two of flame in the front and the tiniest hint of a cave wall behind. Maybe some embers floating around.

I like that idea Jimtuv about the cave and dim lighting.
And i really want to say its a great, pretty creative model But the textures look a little “stretched” i guess you would say.
I deffinately want to see more though!

Like the cave Idea- I didn’t go with the wip thread as I don’t have a time frame to finish in, and like the time to explore options. And posting was nice for my own mind set of accomplishing the character mostly and to psyche me up to finish an artistic piece.

Cave will go well as the geometry may not require too much and is composition ready.

Simple is good, I’ll keep that in mind. As far as the imp’s skin, I see what you’re saying and will work in a new direction for a more natural solution. For now I’m going to crank out a bunch of meshes just to fix my imp and fill the space to get my bearings.

*Did find a really cool imp image on the web called “warrior imp” which is very cool. think it was on the deviant art pages. His color maps have very good volume yet think the image is 2d.

Sounds like a great idea lol.
Would you mind posting the image that your talking about?
Was just wondering what it looked like

Wasn’t quite where I’d remebered - and dosent have all the creature qualities I was looking for -yet painted very well. -Like the level of finish, is realistic yet not of this world.

The Hobbit pict would be more on target for the setting and especialy the throne.


Hey, Have a mesh I’m working and seems a good ballpark twards my concept yet not wanting to force it when I know what I’m looking for so. Here is the concept- said you’d see an imp- so here the basic stuff I’v started with-PS. What I’m looking for is a felt like skin like the muppet who plays the sax in the muppet band tv show. Have any of that on hand- would love to take a look!~

Snouted Imp


Started a new mesh, heres the old mesh. A bunch of renders into ps.


quick look at the new mesh, got to rig the limbs though just for still. any comments are welcome.