[Royalty] 2D Concept Art Polished for Mobile game

Hey All,

I’m developing a mobile game in BuildBox and approaching the final stages of development. At the moment I’m using concept drawings I did myself as the game assets. They need some polish and the touch of a professional artist. The art style is similar to the Paper Mario. (See the attached file below to get an idea)

There are 6 assets in total. A few Objects, One Character and 3 enemies (same character just different colours).

Please keep in mind that it does need to be of good quality as we have a publisher lined up for the game already and we want to deliver an awesome final product. Once the game goes live we’ll receive a Revenue split (Paid Monthly) from that we’ll pay you a royalty until the negotiated price is paid in full.

If we work well together we’ve got a bunch of games (still pre-dev at this stage) that we would need a professional artist for in the future. Our workflow will remain the same I do the concept art and we would only need you to polish things up right at the end of development.

Please have a link or file of your portfolio ready.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please contact me here or at - [email protected] - or on Discord @ BurntMilkStudios#7810

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