[Royalty, 50%] Poster Creation


I have a website on boxing technique with small but growing community.

I want assistance in making a poster for sale on the topic. I already made one for postermywall with blender / gimp,
got few bucks even with my limited skills and time-invested.

I hope to find son beginner artist, we can make one or few posters together. Money are
maybe few bucks or tens of bucks. In other words, it only make sense if you are a beginner
looking to build portfolio.

PM skype id, we can discuss there.

Depends what you need done. If you could elaborate further, then I could consider this.

I need better renders and design, things that require artistic talent. From my side, I can, for instance, animate key frames and add some text, training tables. Example of poster: google sugarboxing and go to the shopping page. There are great posters like google neila rey / darebee posters, so something like that.