RPC help


I was wondering if there is any way to use RPC’s inside of blender or anything like rpc’s. Any help or ideas would be greatly helped. I have searched the web and have come up empty handed. Just for your knowladge they will be used in an animination.

Thank you

what’s an rpc?

This is what i am trying to achieve


RPC’s - great and horrible at the same time (asset for 3ds Max). No - they are not functional in blender. The only thing you can do is planars (image mapped to plane). For trees, use two planes at 90 deg from each other. Look up Gucias for some of his examples. Animated RPCs are nice…when the perspective works. As far as animated planars - they’re doable, but I’m not sure they’ll look as good. (you’d need an image sequence or animation file with alpha.)