Alright I’ve only been using Blender for a couple of weeks and this is my first DECENT model (The model I first practiced on was a shampoo bottle >_<). The actual rocket it self is not finished yet but the rest is. Now please I want an honest opinion so i can improve on whatever I did wrong.
One question: Does anyone know how to make the .blend save file smaller? Because my RPG was only 3MB then when i subdivided it, it rocketed to 37MB!! So maybe an alternative to subdivide? Thx.

think some wires would help anyone telling you what and where you can reduce subD
one thing I do like in blender is the smooth vertex (ctrl+v then its on the menu)
that maybe enough to smooth the tubes without adding subD to them

ps nice model!! wish I was still as efective in old age lol

Thank you for the reply heddheld! here are the wire pics i just took, but there seems to be 2 types you can view wireframe.
So the first 2 pics are in object mode with wire and the last 2 are in edit mode with wire. By the way, do adding subD greatly increase the file size of the model?

And this is the last one, the site only allows 3 attachments per post.

The modeling is not bad especially if it’s one of your first models, i don’ t see errors like overlapping faces, etc…now you need to give some color,textures :slight_smile: . To save disk space: in the saving window (file / save as)select also the compress option, you will find in the left corner, but i don’t know how much it will compress.