I’ve prepared recently a model of RPG-7, so I’ve decided to make a scene with it. It’s far from being complete so I’'d be happy to hear, what should I change to make it better.

I don`t like the textures. (floor, wall, and all near the wall looks flat and weird)
The models looks great though. I also like the textures of the weapons and the cloth model.
Just pay more attention to the environment, it might make the difference between selling the model or not.
Good luck. :wink:

I agree, the wood and brick textures definitely need some normal mapping going on. If you’re rendering with Cycles you can just try to convert the textures to BW and use that as a displacement input. Usually works for me.

I’ve added 3 Mosin wz. 1893 guns + new textures on the floor and wall. Good/bad direction?

the floor looks better but has to many scratches to my taste. The cloth could use a more desaturated look to make it seem used. The crates should at least continue the texture on the edge for it seems like the spaces between the boards are painted on.

here are a few points:

  1. The Cloth, while modelling is great, the big patch of green draws the eyes away from the RPG, which is your focus.

  2. Same thing with the lighting… it is focusing the image towards the crates on the right hand side.

  3. The crate in which the RPG is placed, at this scale should have modelled boards. The texture is not providing enough depth; plus, when it changes from the side to the top, the texture doesn’t follow.

  4. This one is up to opinion… if you are going for low poly, the it would be fine. But if you look at images, there is alot more detail that you can put into the RPG which would allow you to bring the focus back to that part of the image.

  5. Darker wall was better, but the depth of the texture in the new image is going in the right direction. I would suggest looking at Blender Guru’s tutorial on texturing.

  6. What is that on the wall? looks like a piece of leather. Seems out of place.

While those are specifics of the scene, The better advice i can give is this. What is the story? Why are these RPG’s in the room/area that they are in, are they being sold, are they about to be used. What happened to get them there. What sort of things would be in the same area. The more time you spend thinking about what is happening in the scene, the better the scene will be. Then you can add those elements specifically; in stead of randomly picking things that would appear in the scene.

Look forward to seeing your work progress.

Many thanks for the precious feedback :slight_smile:

This is what I got now (very low res, 50 samples):

When it comes to the general idea. I’d like to create an old Soviet-like, cold war weapon stash, kinda messy, with the main focus on RPG-7 and Mosin guns.
For now I’ve tried to change the scene setup, mess around with objects and lightning. I’m not completely sure if thats a right direction. I still don’t like the light. If I have more time, I will also remodel the crates and do something with the floor.
When it comes to RPG, I based my model on the simpliest version of RPG-7 used in Afghanistan. I might however add some optics to make it look better.

When it comes to texturing, I actually know how to do this properly, however my CrazyBump demo license ran out and atm I don’t know any other software like this (plus, I have no idea how to do specular/displacement maps in Gimp).
Finally, I’ve changed the wall “thing”. It supposed to be an old, tattered poster, which (I agree) looked really bad. I’ve changed it to some messy grafitties.

Well, if you are going for a cold war weapon stash, you should make the place more gloomy with a lot of dust in the air. Right now it seems like the weapons are on someones front porch. Perhaps a less powerful light and more blue colors will help. Also the graffiti is a very vibrant color and doesn’t go along with the theme. I suggest it be a black color. All in all just a more dark, gloomy picture. (It is in Russia after all, and when thinking Russia I think snow and twilightish coloring. Hope this helps and does not just hurt.

Definately going in the right direction.

The RPG model looks a little fat. I imagine them like this: http://www.thespecialistsltd.com/files/RPG7-(replica)_0.jpg