Rpg/Adventure Game [WIP]

Just wanted to show off a little demo of a game a few friends and I have been developing using the bge, all textures (except I think one) are hand painted in photoshop, and all models are done by myself as well.

This demo just shows off the foundation so far, just a basic town, main character (very early design), some particle effects, one or two fighting animations, etc.

Feedback is welcome let me know what you guys think!

Oh and the style we’re shooting for is pretty stylized, but with decent shading, picture zelda in GLSL, lol.

to me everything looks good, except for the ground that looks abit “plastic” or wet. - this might be bco the video capture.
Looks fun to play!
gr8th work!

This looks like the beginning of something I’d eventually pay for. Looks great!

Thanks dog appreciate it! Yeah I’m hoping it can at LEAST be something to use in my portfolio. Licensing is beyond me aha.

wow it looks nice :)) somehow i feel it is a mix of western and asian style. the houses are most like japanese wooden buildings and the character is fully like a european knight.