RPG example ?

Is there an example of RPG functionality (fighting/experience/leveling/etc.) available somewhere ?
i’ve tried looking around but all links are old and dead.
any example that combines fighting with experience.

ofcourse exampels of item collecting/inventory are more then welcome.


Check out Hero Of The Day by Cloud_GL and team. It has a lot of the basics. Also look at the Third Person Adventure template. I am trying to dig through that one myself.

I’ve moved this to the correct forum. For everyone’s reference: The Resources board is for existing actual resources only, not for questions or requests for resources.

Best success with your RPG learning, btw. Master Miller’s suggestions are a great place to start.

Thanks allot! :smiley:
never seen the project before, but i’ll be sure to take a look when i get home.
cool stuff!

Where ca we find those mentioned 2 examples? I have tryed searching, but got no clear result…

Thank you in advance,

hero of the day:

thirdperson template: