RPG game (crosshair) HELP!

Helo guys, this is my first post here, and I would like help on something… I’m doing a rpg single-player game, and it is first person, like skyrim, and I ran into a problem, I need a crosshair to the game, but I would like it to interact as well, not just appear there with an overlay scene, I want the sort of thing like when you pass it near an item on a table, it writes the name of the item and offers the option to pick it up, and when you are near doors it shows the name of the house and option to enter… I really need your help, because I have no idea on how to do this…

Thanks already, and sorry for any language mistakes, I’m brazilian…

I think an overlay scene with the cursor in the centre is the best choice here.
You can send a ray from the camera read the properties (for example “name” or “description”) of the hitobject and send it via message to a text object in the overlay scene that displays the data.

^ Wendigo’s solution is what I was going to suggest as well.

Please be aware that the game you’re attempting is very challenging and requires expertise in game development no matter which platform you use.

Thanks Wendigo! I already got to that conclusion on my own and tried to delete this post but as couldn’t, I just added [SOLVED], but Thanks anyways, I didn’t think of the ray thing… And to Kheetor, yeah, I know, but I think I can make the difference, So far what I need to achieve it is just a matter of time and content for the game, but as far as development goes I am not facing impossible problems, I think the real problem will be faced when I try to release the game and all that is needed to do it… As I came to know blender very well before trying to work on the game engine, I don’t know a thing about how to make it real! With adaptable resolutions and the best way to export it