RPG looking for talent

Hello My name is Erik I am currently gathering people to work on a RPG.

There is no current “Team Name” or “Project Name” and is up for discussion

Current Team:
Me: level designer/story writer
Brandon: programmer
Kenny: programmer
Wil: Modeling artist

Goals: To create a game that is fun and worth playing

Art Style: There is no art style decided for the game yet.

Progress So Far: We have some inventory code down and some terrain made for the game. This game will be made from scratch.

Game engine: The game will be made using unity game engine

Talent needed:
Concept artist- 0/?
Texture artist- 0/?
Modeling artist- 1/?
Animators- 0/?
Level designers- 1/?
Enviormental artist- 1/?
C#- 2/?
JAVA- 1/?
Music- 0/?
In game sound- 0/?
Voices- 0/?

If you wish to help on the game and your talent isn’t posted here please contact me.

Contact info:
[email protected].
Please email me or message me for my skype name.

The group will use Skype mostly to communicate but if skype won’t work for you we can figure something out.

Game Overview

            This game is being made for the sake of making a fun game. It’s not being made for profit, or to gain experience. The pure reason for making this game is to make a game that people want to play.

What is the game?

            The game is a RPG. Survival will be the biggest incorporation to this game, players will have to be smart about what they do and how they survive to make sure they don’t lose a lot of forward progress. This will be implemented by dropping all current items that were held on you after you die. The combat of this game will be more on the interactive side.

Why create this game?

            I am creating this game because I find the world to lack good interactive RPG’s for me to waste my time on.

Where does the game take place?

            RPG worlds are usually home to fantasy and mid-evil styles, this game will do the same. The world is in part of the afterlife; everybody there has no memories and loses them every day after waking up. This is home to creators of the universe, not just on earth.

What do I control?

            You are an unknown creator in this world that has arrived just in time to be saved by a human. What you control along this story line is the path you take to uncover the mystery of this world and who you are. Paths that you follow may be evil or good, perhaps just following pure insanity. In doing so the player will start to shape the world and what creature becomes dominant.

How many characters do I control?

            The character that the players will be able to control is only one. The RPG will offer no followers or assistance throughout the game

What is the main focus?

            The player is not supposed to be a hero, villain, or maybe nothing at all depending on the path you chose. You are fighting in order to figure out who you are, and why memories are lost.

What’s different?

            What will make this game different from the others out there is survival. The game is meant to challenge the player to not only rank up to survive but approach situations in a more tactical manner. The interactive game play on top of this will really make the player think when using different attacks or defenses.

General Features

Huge world
3D graphics
Multiplayer Features

Right now the game is single player

What’s key:

The key to the game experiences.
Interactive yet easy to understand controls
Inventory system that provides a limit of what a player can hold
Providing an inventory drop after death to draw attention towards survival
Towns and hideouts used to store and organize inventory.
Good AI’s that will challenge a player and his/her ability’s
Maps and easy to find objective markers
Story line presence that will interact with not only what towns or hideout you are allowed in, but what creatures will provide you with easy to access equipment

The world:


            The player will be able to roam free were ever they want in this world, even though they might die from higher level monsters that are in some locations. Doors to some out of place housing and dungeons may need keys or lock picks.


            The game is going to be as big as we can make it while providing minimal towns and hideouts.


            Money will be the main object that can be found along with swords; armor, shields, bows, arrows, staffs, tents,  food, water, magic rocks, clothing, fire wood, torches, keys, lock picks, maps,

The game will be in first person or third person depending on which one works better.

NOTE: Most of this may be subject to change.

I’m looking to create an RPG as well. Maybe we could work together? I’m a writer much more than an artist, and I’ve been writing fiction for around twenty years. I’m very willing to collaborate with another writer (you) and help to brainstorm details about the game. I can also do voice acting if you want. I hope you’ll give me a chance. I’d love to work with you on this, especially since I’m a gamer in my free time.

Last but not least, I noticed you need someone to compose the in-game music. I could do that as well. I don’t play an instrument, but I can compose MIDI-type theme music and, of course, the sheet music to go with it.

Hello, I would like to assist you in creating the game you desire, as I too wish to make such a game myself. I can help make 3D models for your game, and have no problems working together with a team. Just send me a message or email if you’d like me to help.