RPG needs 3d Modelers

Hey everyone!

I am creating a RPG style of game. It is set in a medieval style of time with a fantasy/sci-fi genre.
The game is about a young man(18-20 years old) who is destined to save his world from eradication from an unknown force. The game is focused on a main story and not multiplayer. I have more to share about the project I just would not like to put it on the forum.

My goal is to take aspects of other games such as Dark Souls and the Legend of Zelda series, and combine them. For example I want a big open world with limited direction. Something that is not going to hold your hand but something that isn’t going to leave you to clueless.

Currently the team consist’s of myself and a concept artist but I am actively searching for more people to embark on this journey. My experience is with programming. I’m not looking for any particular level of skill of a 3d modeler.

Please PM me if you are interested in knowing more about the game!


PM sent, hope to hear back from you soon.