RPG - "The Fallen One"

Hello everyone!

So a few months ago I started creating a medieval RPG! So far I have only gotten my assets from one pack, and although it has carried me far, it cannot carry me to the goal of my complete project. I have so far created a special ability system and basic weapons, and I have created NPCs walking around and Enemies that will chase and attack you. This project is in third person view, with a fixed camera. This game is also comprised of only low poly models, so it will be easier to help us create assets. What I require is assets, such as wooden huts, small castles, bridges, animals, and enemies. (It would be helpful if you could also rig the living creatures) Free to contact me at this email: [email protected]

Here are some screenshots to show you what we have so far:

I hope that someone is willing to help me work on this project!


nice work so you made, especially that your working alone ,it would be awesome if you you showed how are you weling to communicate with the people who are weling to join, this is what most people want to know

Hey, so I will be communicating with members in this project through email, and I will be able to tell you what I will need you to create by either giving you example pictures or by giving detailed explanations in what is required. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

It would be helpful if you posted some pictures of completed work to show me your experience!


  • Michael

Hey, what you have show us it is cool(though it is stolen) i would like to be part of that. Also i am working on a RPG game


Actually it is not stolen, where did you see this before?

Hi, I’m Lev, I will help you. You got an e-mail from “Lev P”, yes? That’s me meanwhile.