RPG WIP Blecaute Team

Personal’m here to show the video project that my friends and I are developing hope you like


vid 2


Looks pretty cool.

I recommend using a script to make sure the camera doesn’t go through walls (just cast a ray from the player to the camera, if it hits anything place the camera slightly closer to the player than the hit position)
Also, the animations could use some work, but game mechanics take precedence over that, so I’d save that until after you’ve got the game to fully playable (with enemies and whatnot)
Finally, the camera seemed a little drunk- it tips around while the view is moving. Was this on purpose? it’s a little off-putting.

PS who made the music in the first video? Sounded like afrocelt.

[edit] I forgot to watch the second video!
I think the darker person is an enemy? it’s sort of hard to tell what’s happening when it gets close to the main character (I think it’s an attack animation?)

Looks like you’re on the right track, I’d love to see where this goes.

hello I will change some things in the game
I put the camera restlessly from
when the character is what aprocima attack action ta a little bad but I have to improve a lot but I will post the ups
I’m from Brazil I do not know speak very well English but I’ll be posting here ever expects you understand me