rpg yak type animal


Trying my hand at sculpting and this is the result. I cant seem to get it as smooth as I would like to. I want to retopo it soon and was toying around with the idea of normal map for veins and such but like I said, still not too confident with the sculpting tools yet.

It’s not a real animal but based loosely on a mix between a bison and a ram.


The horns look great! I think you should cut a little out of the bottom of his neck, it looks like he would have a hard time turning his head right now, additionally, it might just be the angle, but his butt looks a little flat, maybe inflate or a little? All in all, looks good, i like the front muscles on his back especially.

Looking good. Maybe make the legs less thin as they dont look like they could carry such a animal.
Head also a tad too big and odd looking. Will u be adding fur?

Hi guys,

thanks for suggestions. I need to work on bottom, neck and deffinatly legs. I wont be adding fur because this is in theory meant for a game but I could always do a high poly version for a render with fur :stuck_out_tongue: