Is it possible to create an RPG using the game engine in Blender? It sounds like a pretty daunting task… but I wonder if it’s possible…

The Answer is yes it is possible I believe.
But I think it would be Time Consuming For such a project.
Because you woud have to make items, potions, armors, Monsters ect…
I remember I think He-Blend Made a very old example a long time ago witch reminded me of an Rpg game I use to play :rolleyes:.

But just to finish this yes its possible again :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as it’s not an MO or MMO, an RPG is perfectly feasable for a small group, or even a single developer to complete in a reasonable timespan.

As in multiplayer online and massive multiplayer online, right? I’m interested in possibly creating an RPG like a Final Fantasy kinda thang and such… just don’t know how to do so or where to start. Gotta un-noob myself. :]. Thanks for the replies!

yeah I think its possible, but would require alot of work, especially for a turn based battle system, I dont think that’s every been done…so far

Maybe if I can learn how to use Blender and think creatively, I’ll be able to make the first one… :]

FF #? … they’re all way different… if you need anyone to help out, I’d like to(even though I’ve been blending for only a month and a half)

Trying to emulate already made games will make for a very good learning experience, but trying to make something along the lines of any recent FF games is just insanity (especially for a beginner such as yourself).

I know I say this alot, but I think it has to be said again: “Start small”. It’s a very simple concept, but I find that many beginners don’t even consider it. Everyone just goes straight for the <insert game franchise here> attempt (which usually ends in faliure, and turns out to be one collosal waste of time).

I’m sure you have a favorite “old school” arcade game that you liked to play. Study that game and try to reproduce it with the BGE. Trust me when I say that it’s one of the best ways to learn the basics and raise your skill level.

Pick something easy, and see how you deal with it.

Bleedforme, I think it would be fun to start an RPG project, but I need to get a little more acquainted with the game engine first. Even reproducing something as simple as Pac Man would take me some time, but in another month or two I’d probably be able to go for it. And Social, I will start small (it is quite frightening to even imagine reproducing a recent Final Fantasy lol). That thought didn’t cross my mind due to noob fear. :wink:

It’s a mystery to me as to how a turn-based system of battle could be created within Blender, though…

ff8 turn based or ff1 turn based? doing one like 8 would involve more variables, and you would have to include some kind of meter to tell the user that a character is ready for combat. doing one like 1 would be comparatively easier, in that each character and enemy would just have an agility variable (or something similar), and by getting the enemies from the scene, you could build an array of ordered attackers, from fasted character to slowest. that’s just battle though. movement, attacks, attribute improvement are all up to you to figure out. those are the parts that are custom. but, yeah, deciding who goes first and when a round is over is the easy part. the rest is total crap. have fun with pac-man. be sure to have the ghosts follow a path back to the center box!

Haha, thanks Ragman… when I do ever start a fantasy game like that, I’ll be sure to heed your words. Until then, though, I’ve got a cruddy blend of a Les Paul to work on… the one on the blender.org gallery owns mine to the max, though. Unfair… lol. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: