RPGamer's Sketchbook

If you’re reading this, thank you for taking your time to watch a new Blender user’s artwork. Suggestions are always welcome for my future projects, since there is always room for improvement.
Also, since I’m learning at the moment, each artwork created has a objective list I keep in my mind as an exercise for learning new things.
Without any further ado, my 1st model::rolleyes:


Learning Objectives:
1-Human head modelling
2-Full Body modelling
3-Object Modelling
4-Hair Particle System
4-Basic Texturing(skin,cloth,metal)

2nd Model:Son Goku (from DragonBall Z anime) Head-Bust

I was trying to go for semi-realistic approach with this sculpt. The eyebrows look bad though :confused:
Sorry for the noise, I didn’t render enough samples to reduce it. Would keep it in mind in future to minimise noise.
Learning Objectives:

  • Sculpting using Blender
  • More Textures to familiarise myself with

Meet "Spooky- The Sly Devil :evilgrin:

Learning Objectives:
1-Subdivision surface modifier sculpting
2-Familiarising with all sculpting tools
3-Animation keyframing and using Dope Sheet (will post animation in separate thread for animations)

(Batman V Superman skin):