RRRRAGE against sphericlounge.de

i love the music on that website. it’s the type of music i listen to mostly, especially while i’m working on a blender project…

sometimes, i can’t download the tracks and i like to play them off the site…
the problem is the design is just so stupid… they have tonnes of flash content on one webpage… this skyrockets the system resources like crazy and leaves few CPU cycles for rendering and other stuff…

this is CPU usage on my AMD64 Turion X2 with Vista32… the CPU usage is not that bad actually, but i get like 70-80% on my other P4 craptop…


i even told them about this on their “team” blog page and nothing happened so far… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

for that i just want to express my RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!


btw, the website is www.sphericlounge.de

Neat - I’ll check the site out at some stage.

No need to rage( unless you want to of course )

There are some extensions for firefox that lets you block all flash content,
or in other ways limit how much flash content is displayed.

i recommend flashblock for your situation.
I puts in placeholders, instead of flash content.
You can then click on a placeholder to start up
the flash application.

Hope you can use that :wink:


thank you… i didn’t know such thing existed… now i get <5% CPU… makes me happy :slight_smile: