RSS Feeds for individual threads, rather than sub-forums.

I notice that it is possible to subscribe to a sub-forum using the RSS feed button, however there does not appear to be an option to subscribe to an individual thread within any of the sub-forums. e.g. I would like to subscribe to a few threads in the Blender Tests forum, and several (but not all) threads in the Sketchbook forum.

Is this feature available, but switched off? I believe some other forums have this capability. I currently have notifications set for each of the threads, but this is not ideal, I don’t really want an email notification every time a new post is added, and neither do I don’t want to have to open the forum to check my control panel notifications.

I would like to centralize all my notifications in my RSS reader, it works perfectly for blogs and other sources, it is a huge time saver: Open app on phone, see if my favorite sources have any updates with one click, and follow links if yes. No need to visit all the sources individually. Less time checking = more time for Blending and contributing.

You can subscribe via the forum’s built-in method, but not by way of RSS as far as I can tell. It’s worth looking into, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hopefully it’s just a switch that needs to be flipped somewhere… In the mean time I will stick with email notifications until it drives me insane haha.