RTS building placement with pre requirements

(Cotaks) #1


I made a prototype for a project of mine, and i’m willing to share it with you all.

It’s a RTS building placement system with pre requirements, rotatable buildings, collision checks… so the buildings can be any size you like (0.1x0.1 or 1000x1000 it won’t be a problem), an option to zoom/look around, and it’s very easy to add more buildings/pre requirements(only 2 steps (1. create building, 2. put it’s name into the script)).

I will not post an other version of this, i’ll provide you my working prototype to build your own game from.
rts_building placement.blend (3.19 MB)

Forgot to tell how to rotate the building in the script, so i place the controls here as well:

  • use B key to open the build menu
  • use scrollwheel to zoom in/out
  • hold middle mouse button to adjust the view
  • use Q key to rotate a building
  • left click places the building
  • right click removes the building while dragging it
  • left or right click while build menu is open will remove the building you are dragging
  • if you drag a building and open the build menu, then clicking on an other item/icon will change the building to the one clicked on.

Have fun with it,


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