RTS camera follow player when player moving

So pretty much my set up so far is that the camera and character move independently of each other. I want the camera to follow the character when he is walking, otherwise when the character is not moving the RTS-like camera is free to fly around, once the character moves again the camera will re-position its self to see the character as he walks around, the camera will be able to rotate around the player while he is walking but not leave the player. So hows the best/easiest to achieve this?

This is currently what it looks like, i want to have the camera follow the character when he moves @ 0:10

Heres the .blend file if you needa look
RTSCamThirdpersonhelpme.blend (1.23 MB)

Hi! I don’t know if it’s something like that: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/34590 you are looking for…? (I change the W and A keys)

Another version: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/34591

I see 3 different choices:
a) You use the camera actuator to let the camera track and follow the player. You activate the camera actuator only if the main character is moving. Otherwise you control the camera via the mouse actuator
b) You parent the camera to the main character object. Then the camera movement will always be relative to the main character. When the player starts moving, you move your camera (maybe via steering actuator) to a specific point behind the main character. If he does not move, you move the camera around freely.
c) You use 2 difference camera objects. Both are parented to the player. If the main character starts moving, you switch (using scene actuator) to one of the cameras, if he stops you switch to the other.

Thanks man! The second one is pretty much exactly what im looking for, ill just tinker with it abit to get it just right :slight_smile: