RTS Game in UPBGE 0.3.0

Can i make a RTS game in UPBGE?
And how can i make Ai …
I have an idea
Make a series
Remaking some games …like any game
Just to show people the power of UPBGE

Hey wait… one more thing
Why cant i animate texture? (ShaderNode)!!
What about particle system
Why cant you just add it
Make particle sys and bake it
And transform the bake into an animation (frames)
That simple
I have a loooooot of things to say
But . . … .
And one more thing …to the developers …
Why there’s no tutorials on youtube :rage:
How can i or someoneelse learn upbge without any tutorials !!!
Do u even care about making upbge better ?
If not just say it
Because i believe in you…!!
Try to make UPBGE like Unreal Engine.
And one more thing

Whats the main version

UPBGE EEVEE or The old one ?
Please answer :slight_smile:

you can do RTS game with blender - video example of the RTS on older versions of the engine and it works pretty well, you need to think and think very many systems such as search path(this is the main system without it there is no point in doing RTS) selection of units, unit behavior for independent decision-making, if you have the construction of buildings and purchase of units you need to create a user interface for managing player. On the blender engine practical there is no RTS as examples or tutorials so you will most likely have to look for examples yourself the only thing I can help with so far is the construction system - I uploaded an example for my project on this site - if you need a link write to me

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Firstly, there are UPBGE tutorials. If there isn’t an UPBGE tutorial, then look for the equiv BGE, since UPBGE is built on it and a lot of the solutions work in both. If you can’t find a tutorial to suit your needs, then break down the problem into smaller parts and solve those - you will find the solution to everything you’ve ever wanted to do by using the correct search terms.

The rest of the fluff in your quote really made me want to not bother replying at all. If you want good quality help, then ask questions with respect and show prior effort to solve it yourself.

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you read it the wrong way
i wasnt angry or something
it just . … theres a lot of things that makes UPBGe unknown annd Weak :slight_smile:

and that made me sad a littel :{
how can i learn UPBGE :}

and eeee
Whats the main version ?

UPBGE EEVEE or The old one {blender 2.79} ?
Please answer :relieved::heart:

the main recent versions are 0.3.0 for UPBGE eevee and the version based on blender 2.79 - the same is called upbge but its version is 0.2.5, as for the lessons and training materials, they are suitable from the old version of BGE, not all of course, but most will work, because UPBGE is a fork of the blender game engine, I would advise you to choose UPBGE 0.2.5 for your project this version has everything you need to create an “independent” project from a single developer

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