RTS game production!!! (problems...)

Hello fellow Blenders…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m embarking on a quest to create a marketable RTS (Real Time Strategy Game).

Recently I ran into the devastating, horrid problem of path-finding…
Strangely enough, an RTS is compromises of mainly path finding. I mean, if you can’t move your troops, there’s no point in playing.

I have a simple path finding script, but the units keep running through things despite their physics boxes :frowning: After lots of calm, peaceful thought (yelling, screaming, outrage) I came to the unfathomable decision that physics will have to go :eek:

I’m totally illiterate to path-finding in the blender game engine, and so am in need of tons of help, pats on the back, and plain old .blend files. Please be patient with me, and help me create a (no-physics) path-finding system for a blender RTS.

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Here’s what I want:

A real-time path-finding system (script etc.) for an RTS.

It needs to involve NO-PHYSICS! NO-PHYSICS!!!

It has to have the ability to move several units or a single unit.

Units need to be able to walk around trees/other-units, not through them…

Units must be able to attack enemy units and not each other…

Well…in a nutshell…a genuine RTS path-finding system of some sort…you get the idea:p

If you help me out with this, you’ll be my best friend…
and when the final version is released, we can talk over commission percentage :ba:

Just use the search in the forums if u havent already, i remember one that was really REALLY good(a few actually) and they all had the words path finding in them. so it shouldnt be to hard to search for lots’o useful links

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ATomCat :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender have a “Make RTS Game” button, somewhere…
Its up to you to find it!
Bye and be brave!

“Make RTS Game” button :ba: HECK!!! Why didn’t I think of that!!! :smiley:

I’m a bit confused, a pathfinding script shouldn’t involve any physics at all. Your problem must lie with how you transverse the path, not the actual pathfinding script. It sounds like you need to implement some proper steering behaviours.

From the king of steering: (might be a bit outdated, keen to know of any newer articles!)

I aggree with andrew-101, pathfinding and running through other objects seems not to relate together.

Usually pathfinding produces a plan an object tries to follow. If the object recognizes the plan does not match the environment it tries to calculate a new plan.

That means you have to split up AI-logic:

  1. calculate a plan (usually by pathfinding)
  2. follow the plan (rotate, move etc.)

The plan does not need to be complete. It is enought if the object can decide what is the next step.
Thats for AI

If your objects are crossing other objects, you should try to find out why.

  • Are you using dLoc?
  • Are there ghost objects?

I hope this helps

wow…some pretty complex answers, especially for me, a noob at python. Maybe some one could point me in the direction of a pre-made script…not that I want to miss out on the learning experience…:stuck_out_tongue:

There was an example kicking round that used A*, with a premade node-map that seemed pretty effective. Don’t know if it’s too resource intensive though.

Just sit tight, someone is integrating navmeshes, pathfinding and obstacle avoidance straight into blender. Check out the News and Discussion forum for more info, its a GSoC project.

:ba: Ech! Stuck up aristocrats!

If you guys know so much, then lets see some action!

So far all the “path-finding solutions” are just a bunch of hub-hub, with no real substance. Once you drop in variables, like other units, your oh-so-precious system fails! I believe that someone needs to sit down and actually put together a useful- path-finding system. (and that can’t be me, I suck at scripting…)

:RocknRoll: Let’s cut the chat and do some action! :RocknRoll:

I want to see .blend files piling up with useful- path-finding systems, not fake virtual garbage, that you open once then toss into the trash bin and rush back to Blender Artists Forums to tell how great it was and how much work was put into it. --When actually the guy just downloaded it from some other post!-- What a fake! Like he can really program anything!

:eek: Notice–

Now that you are thoroughly shocked out of your socks, let me end this post in a happy note–this was not meant to disturb, but rather to empower YOU, (or force you) into making a better path-finding system.

What are you talking about? The example i’m uploading (which is definitely not my work) seems to work really well. It would be fairly simply to get it to read the coordinates and stuff from a file. I’m not going to pretend i understand it; however i hope to someday.


Pathfinder3.blend (629 KB)

If you want pathfinding script that has had some work put into try my one. It uses binary dumps, path and hit test caching (although path caching is only half implemented) as well as navmeshes. Keep in mind this isn’t complete, the reason being that creating a smoothing solution requires a fair bit of math. I have attempted am just un able to do it. Please, by all means finish off my smoothing technique. You can find the start of the smoothing function at line 662, to enable it just un comment line 653.

It requires a recent build of Blender 2.5, so download one from here:

I am quite annoyed at your attitude, I feel you have no idea what you are doing. Thats why when I say someone is integrating pathfinding into Blender, sit tight, I mean sit tight. The pathfinding being added is better than anything anyone could make with python. So if you want to sell your game you might want the best available.

Also, how about doing a search for pathfinding. You can find a few more A* resources here:
People aren’t going to be prepared to help someone out who doesn’t try to help themselves out.

In regards to your post in this topic:
Look at the second link I posted, would you believe it features dynamic pathfinding? “No way” you say? Its true. It is a tower defence game, you play WC3 so you would be familiar with tower defence I suppose. Pathfinding in RTSs games is a huge topic and there are thousands of posts, articles, discussion, videos and presentations about it. It is not a simple task to move a squad of units through a dynamic region, do not expect people who use a limited and free GE to be able to recreate games made by Blizzard and the like. I do not in anyway means to convey that I can myself create such pathfinding systems, I have already admitted defeat with my above script, I have however read a fair share of articles and watched some presentations so have somewhat of an understanding of what is required.

Finally, let me just say that if you want to use a pathfinding system in an RTS use a tilebased one, it is the easiest one when it comes to changing passable space on the fly. Here is a simple tile pathfinding demo I made. Left click to move and right click to change passability.

Yes! :RocknRoll: Now were rocking!
Finally I think we’ll get somewhere!

Hay Fake, nice path-finding demo but adding objects in real time seems to be impossible, (if not, tell me!).

Andrew-101, I’m excited about implementing a path-finding system into Blender 2.5, great stuff! BUT, I really think the demo you made is pretty rocking awesome! (two problems though, 1: if you tell the arrow to move and then block off it’s path with an x, it goes right through it… 2: Some times I think the arrow is really taking the long rout…) No big deal though! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, here’s the deal: I think we can make an RTS, that will totally crush Bilzzard. I mean why “sit-tight” when we can rock??? (No offense, I totally know what you mean about me making a scene…:p)

I’ll do the graphics (something simple), and you wip up the path-finding stuff… Well go commercial and split the winnings, say fifty-fifty. Deal?

Hay, if anyone else wants to join just shout out. The more the merrier, right?

To start our…what ever you want to call it…I suggest that Andrew-101 makes a post or blog of some sort where we can share ideas about the subject. (If you think this is too much for you just yell out wildly, scream, and run in circles…)

Just in-case you don’t understand me I’ll repeat what I said in simpler words. I want to start a commercial RTS game and I know nothing about it. We can work together and probably make something pretty good. plz, tell me what you think.

I think its a waste of time.

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Quoted for agreement.

Andrew-101, you suck! :stuck_out_tongue:

People are making $billions off of RTS games which require simple graphics and easy story. Why don’t us blender folk break in on this and grab some doe???

If we wok together, anything’s possible :slight_smile:

OK boss blendenzo, moving to another form…

I think you are incredibly rude. You are on a fast track to having no one here ever give you any help on any of your questions. You should re-read some of your posts and consider how you have spoken to some very helpful and very talented people on these boards.

ok i didn’t read all the posts that people have given but here’s a good example but is really laggy after a while and i think it was a work in progress
i don’t know if it is of any use but have a look at it
none of it is my work
i think i blender game project is totally workable to make a RTS game but it would have to be run in another game player other than blenders


RTS v1.blend (929 KB)