[ RTS Game - Recruiting ] Galactic VICE

Team Name:
Gravity Games. A international video game development team consisting of 6 dedicated members (with 12+ additional non-dedicated contributors).

Project Name:
Galactic Vice.

Brief Description:
Galactic Vice is a Real-Time Strategy game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race–one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of destruction.

Galactic Vice just reached another development milestone called Alpha 2 PRB. Each milestone we release the game and appeal for new developers (done twice before now).

Galactic Vice was founded ~3 years ago. The first ~18 months where spent planning, ie deciding on the game type, storyline basis, and coding methods (several test-engines where developed with various game concepts ranging from RPG to MMO to FPS during that time). Once a solid basis was decided upon the past ~18 months have been spent doing real development–coding the engine & various tools, creating art, composing music, etc.




Target Aim:
Heavy emphasis is being placed on the Linux communities, including the Ubuntu & Redhat & etc. Linux users are extremely video-game deprived and are a fairly large client-base (approx 19 million users worldwide). The Windows community is also being target, especially those who are familiar with the Open Source community, and those who play the leading RTS games currently on the market.

Galactic Vice is being developed in two chunks: The core-game and the storyline add-on. The core-game will include fully-functional single-player and multi-player game-play, and will be completely free. It will build a client base and generate interest for the non-free side called the Storyline Add-ons. The storyline add-ons contain a series of super-epic missions and short films that illustrate the 4-part Galactic Vice story. As of right now, 4 add-ons are planned (although plenty of wiggle-room is added to the storyline for additional expansions).

The core-game will be marketed for free across the web in order to generate interest in the Storyline Add-ons. The storyline add-ons are planned to ultimately be sold both online and in stores.

As of right now all work is being done in hopes that revenue can be generated from the Storyline Add-ons (and so far things are looking promising). In the event that money is made, it would be distributed individually amongst the developers relative to the contributions each made (you do more work, you get a bigger piece of the pie).

More specifically, developer contribute and in return receive a percentage of the income, at a max of $10,000 USD.

The terrain is a complex multi-layered splatting system that uses quadtree culling (+ssao, +hdr, +bumpmapping). Any and/or all of the terrain can be replaced by pre-made models, allowing for extremely versatile terrain (imagine a abandoned space city floating around a dead star–holes in the city floor from an ancient battle reveal piles of debris and asteroids floating in the distance. Things like this could easily be done in Galactic VICE). Complex particle systems, billboards, sprites and model setups can be used to create in-game art.

Development tools for each of the developers is whatever the developers like to use–there are no restrictions.

Talent needed:
Concept Artists. Must have vivid imaginations to bring their art to life!
3D Artists. Must be able to model, texture, and animate 3D art based off of the concepts for in-game.

Team structure:
Jon Goodliffe. Project manager and lead programmer.
Kristo Kaas. Music composer.
Fredrik Larsson. 3D artist.
Daniel Pylican. Concept artist.
Killy. Concept Artist.
Nick Civiero. Sound Effects.

The forum won’t let me post links here, so Google “Galactic VICE”.

Previous Work by Team:
None. This is our first project as a team.

Additional Info:
Although under heavy development Galactic Vice is still in its infancy stages (almost past them though). We have been working till this stage so that people will take our project seriously, at which point in time we are now looking to expand our team. With additional help development should go even faster.

Any constructive feedback is welcome, as well as questions (I will do my best to answer them).

Yours Truly,
Gravity Games.