Rts help!!!!

[LEFT]Hi, I’m new and I want to know if anyone knows how to make a strategy game (RTS):o:spin:[/LEFT]

sigh did you even read the sticky?

I am afraid BGE is not the best suitable engine for RTS now. Also, RTS itself is a big challange even for an advanced developper

Are you just new here or are you new to blender? It takes a lot to do an rts. Just help me make my game will not give you many good replies. If any. The question is waaaay to vague. I think there are some examples of a couple of aspects of rts. I’ve seen a camera set-up and pathfinding and I’m sure there are more useful things posted on this very board. However, no one will probably give you a complete description on how to make your game (and then it wouldn’t really be your, would it?). Try to learn as much as you can on your own and then ask specific questions (in the game engine support forum), for example how you would select/deselect single and multiple units. The more information about your problem you give, the better answer you will get. And it is also useful to first search the forum (and the rest of the internet), people have been making games for some time and more often than not run in to the same problems. You are of course welcome to ask for directions to tutorials and such, but I believe they are quite easy to find.

What are you all talking about? making an RTS is easy. Just get a few million dollars and hire Blizzard.

It is a bit harder than a platformer. It is harder since you are not directly controlling anything, just giving order, so everything needs at least some AI.

Just at the top.

Game — Make Game — RTS.

Its right under FPS and right above MMORPG.