RTS in blender

Im working on a rpg right now, but i want to start an RTS on the side. Im wonder if theres any demos, Templates or anything usefull i could learn off for like camera motion, gold system and food system to buy units like the basic RTS. Also like have workers do stuff like for example build, farm, and log for wood. Last off all a way to make it online would be coolZ!!!
:evilgrin: thank you epic

rts’s are a tricky bit.
but please search before you post because this has been asked many times before.

no there are no templates for rts’s or demos or nothing for blender.
there are pathfinding setups, and different name generators and stuff.
but it just takes up to much logic. and unless you are really good with code, theirs no chance. wich is a shame because i would love to work on a rts myself.

Templates or anything usefull i could learn off for like camera motion

You’re going to be screwed for making an RTS in Blender if you can’t make a camera. RTS cameras are really simple. What you need is expirience, make a simple game first, like a marbles game or something. Get some knowledge. I’m sure an RTS ould be more than possible in Blender GE, but not without Python coding.

Regarding the online aspect, writing a network protocol for RealTime gaming in Blender is really tricky. You can see an example of a real-time, packet loss recovery, jitter and delay cancellation protocol in here:
See the sockinit.py and netgame.py script to have an idea of what’s involved.