RTS Like GC 2

Hey, im wanting to make a Rts in blender , im asking how can i make the camera move into the sky when i press “U” and move down when i press “D” Like simular movement to Ground Control 2 Operation Exodus.

i don’t know what an rts is, but just make an animation of the camera moving from one position to the other, then make an actuator for ‘IPO’ set to the ‘U’ key. ( or any key )

yeh what modron said will work but i very much doubt the blender game engine is up to making an rts becouse it would lag so much having that many polys on screen and u would need to be like and expert in python to accually make the path finding script (and if u dont know how to do this i dont think u will be able to do it)

modron : RTS, Real Time Strategy game. As far as I know … ie: Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, etc…

ah an rts didnt know what that was, its like comand and conquer: red alert and stuff , well it would be really hard cause maps its massive and you got terrain buildings cars trucks hehe, i think NOR.J made a mini one some time ago he sent me it, was quite good :P.