RTS Prototype

Hey, I just finished working out most of the kinks for the movement portion of a little RTS game I’m making. I thought I could get someone to review it!
Here’s a link to the bitbucket page where you can track my updates and download the game (click the ‘get source’ button and download the zip file).

What currently works:

  • Drag to select multiple units
  • Right click to send units to a destination
  • units avoid each other and plot a sane route (thanks to the steering actuator!)

What I’ll be doing this weekend (hopefully):

  • Means of attacking
  • building to spawn units
  • Highlighting selected units

I do have a few problems in which no immediate solution seems to jump out at me, one of which being a method for adding a more efficient selection box and a better way to draw it as well. using render.drawlines() is too erratic and causes some problems if the terrain is too uneven. If anyone knows of a better method, please tell me.

Other than that, recommendations and/or suggestions are always good!

I did a fairly detailed video tutorial for RTS controls that uses bgl to draw the selection box.

You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LQqOPY-N8I

Very cool! I’ll keep this video in mind, always nice to know how someone else is doing something. I haven’t had a chance to muck around in bgl, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.