RtT needs to render emission with values above 1

Hi! I want to get higher values of RGB than 1.0 in render to texture rendered images, if objects are shadeless/emiting(also I have one skybox that uses GLSL shaders). However, I don’t have any idea how is it possible. Can anyone help me out?

No responses yet? Is it really such difficult question?

Have you seen the movie spinal tap? It’s about a rock band. They want louder music so their manager supplies them with amps that go up to 11.
The thing is, max volume is the same, whether it’s 10, 11 or 1.0

You need to aproach the problem from a different angle I think…

Well, I guess reducing the values for other objects and multiplying them in nodes would fix it… Maybe. I have an color add node with factor .1 for all background objects, but I want sky reflection aswell as neons and others to be reflected more(like add + 0.3 or something like that…)

Yeah, maybe dropping the other values would make the bright parts seem brighter in comparison.
Usually the only way to get really bright highlights in blender is by using shadeless or emit settings on a material. If you can somehow turn the highlights in to an emit texture that might help.

But as I haven’t really used render to texture much I don’t know much about that.

Is it possible to… Well… Khm…
There may be a property “emit” in objects and

for obj in scene.objects:
    if not "emit" in obj:
        #well, here I need to make theese objects less bright

I guess this before render and after render will be fine, but how to make them less bright?

how about playing with lights. They can illuminate objects of different (light) layers.

Do you mean something like reducing lamp power? So that every object that doesn’t emit light gets darker - gennial! Thank you monster. I guess,
before RtT

for lamp in scene.lights:
    lamp.energy / 5.0

after RtT

for lamp in scene.lights:
    lamp.energy * 5.0

this should be it:)

I use

obj.visible = False

before and

obj.visible = True

after render and it works fine, but…

for l in scene.lights
    l.energy = l.energy / 10.0

#render here

fir l in scene.lights:
    l.energy = l.energy * 10.0

and it renders bright scene(fully lighten) and nothing looks darker… What’s the cause?

I tested on my laptop (intel gpu). Surprisingly I can only change light (color and energy) when running in Multitexture mode. In GLSL the light remains full power even when shown correct in preview.

[Beside of that I noticed that the property mode of the action actuator is broken in 2.74]

Well, I can change lights energy in GLSL, also with python, but in my case RtT script doesn’t handle the light energy set correctly and renders scene with light energy that is multiplied again.