RTX 2060 or RX 580 need a little help deciding

Hi guy’s

I am looking to upgrade my old 7950 and i was looking for a decent upgrade for awhile and went very close to purchase a RTX 2070 but they since release the 2060 that fit my budget better but i still have some questions ;

My first idea was to buy an RX 580 since they are dirt cheap currently and to wait for navi release this fall but then Ngreedia release the RTX 2060 and i am not sure what would be the best deal for me.

I mainly use it for game development and will need just a few cut scene rendering. I do a lot of modeling with cycles preview for displacement and that sort of thing and sometime i have to manipulate some large scenes.

I know AMD recently hire a developer to work on open cl but my best guess is it’s going to take him a few month to get this working perfectly?

What would be a good choice for what i do and what main problem would i face with both these cards? I don’t mind if the Amd card is a bit slower as long as i can work without main drawback.

I changed the “2080” in your title to “2060” as that seem to be what you’re asking about.

Here’s one comparison of these two cards:


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While Nvidia does command high prices almost across the board, they do seem to be the only company at the moment that really has a grasp on how a GPU works (with consistently better drivers, better thermals, and better power efficiency). They are even the value king now and AMD’s marketshare is dropping like a stone. If AMD does not really pull some magic with Navi, they might as well let Nvidia have the monopoly they always wanted.

Raytracing and CUDA are massive selling points for our field, if these weren’t proprietary I would have told you to go with the 580.

Thank my mistake and also thank for the link!

That’s why i was thinking of getting a 580 since i could upgrade to Navi if they are really good but this is a lot of uncertainty until fall and i have no warranty that opencl is going to work as good as cuda.

It’s not that bad going with the rtx 2060 since you can grab metro exodus with it for 460 in Canadian dollar.

I still have no answer regarding if the AMD card could do the job or not? I already know it is slower but if it can do the job until they release navi i am then willing to take a chance.

What would not work at all with the 580 since i recently switch to Blender from 3ds max so i am not familiar yet with cycle and Eevee?

After some more research i found this Blender link showing features support by both cuda and opencl so i think it is on par except for the 1 min kernel thing that the new programer is suppose to fix.


I guess you’re on windows, but I am really having a hard time getting my Rx 580 with open cl to work with blender on Linux mint. It really could be you’re on a safer route with NVIDIA for now. I got mine dirt cheap as well, but after all those struggles I would have probably made a different decision. Though the 8GB are pretty nice for cycles.

Yep exactly that 6 GB is just a bit short and yes i am on Windows 10 so an AMD should be just fine.

Last question since i could not find any clear answer on this;

Will 6 gb of vram be enough?

Well since i have a Dell U2312hm monitor i am also not sure if the rtx 2060 would work since there is no dvi connector anyone can shed some light on this?

HDMI and DVI are electrically compatible so all you need is an HDMI to DVI-D cable for like $6 from Amazon and you’re good to go assuming the card has HDMI out.

6GB of VRAM should be fine for basic to medium sized stuff. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than that these days. I think you’ll be fine with 6GB. Worst case you cant throw quite as many huge textures at it compared to an 8 or 11GB card.

I don’t know of anything the 580 won’t be able to do. I personally still think Nvidia has the edge for being the most widely supported solution, but AMD has been actively supporting Blender development and it should be well supported.

Cycles OpenCL rendering compiles shaders each time you render so that’s an extra overhead that you have to sit through (this is actively being worked on and is improving) whereas I think the Nvidia CUDA kernels are monolithic and pre-built so there’s no compilation step at render time which means no delay so that’s another CUDA/Nvidia advantage.

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Thank a lot for that very well documented post this is going to help me choosing the correct card for my need.

Regarding the HDMI to DVI-D adapter would this one be the correct cable ;

Here the specs from my monitor and i am not sure but there is mention of one hdmi port but the way my monitor is install it is a chore to remove and go see if it has one ;


I think that cable would work.

If the monitor turns out to have an HDMI input then of course you could use that instead, but the result would likely be the same.

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Hi Pixelfox and thank again for the reply and finally after a bunch of confusion and new info since i didn’t upgrade anything for years i was in for a lot of catch up regarding connectors and ports!

What i thought was a HDMI was in fact a display port so i think this will not work if connect to the HDMI port on the card.

Some people also mention about having 144 mhz refresh rate and that it is requiring a 100$ special DVI adapter but it’s seem to be mostly for people who want 4 k and my need are only for 1080 and i have dual monitor of course, so again i am confuse by too much information.

Never thought it was going to be a challenge just to upgrade my card!:sweat_smile:

144hz in 4K over DVI? I believe you got something mixed up.
You really shouldn’t care about that.

If your monitor has DisplayPort then many modern video cards will have this as well so that’s a good option for connecting them. Different 2060 cards have different ports, they’re not all the same, so be sure the one you’re looking at has the port(s) you want for your monitor (and future monitors).

Unless you want more than 60 Hz refresh rate you don’t need to worry about anything. If you want faster than that then you should research the specific combination of video card, monitor, and connection method to verify that it will do what you want. Honestly 60Hz is just fine and I wouldn’t worry about it.

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You are right since natively my old dell only support 60 HZ!