RTX 2060 or RX 580 need a little help deciding


Thank again for your reply and i will call nvidia directly to make sure the old display port from my monitor work with their cards.

I saw a few treads on other forum mentioning that the display port was not working for them.


Can someone be kind enough to tell me what type of display port cable should i order since there is so many variations, i mean do i need to have both male connector to plug it from monitor to video card?

(Markus Mayer) #23

Yep. Male to female would be an extender.

Basically the same as with HDMI or any other monitor cables.

(SterlingRoth) #24

I’m gonna throw in a vote for the 2060 here, though it sounds like you have already made up your mind.

Ever since cycles was released, this forum has been peppered with AMD users running into driver issues, even now, in this thread. I haven’t seen anywhere near the amount of issues from Nvidia users.

Nvidia cards, running CUDA, consistently worked from day zero. AMD cards, on openCL have consistently had issues. Take that for what it’s worth.

If you need a reliable card, go for Nvidia. If you are pinching pennies, or are Idealogically inclined to buy AMD, then go for the 580.


Thank so i will order male to male cable!


Yes unfortunately i was a loyal AMD user since ati but i have to admit that they let us down with graphic work and opencl and for the moment it is too little too late since i urgently need an upgrade.

But a little something inside me is telling me that i am going to regret it when they release the new navi series in fall but i cannot wait anymore since i delayed the upgrade because of the crypto craze!

in worst case scenario i will just have to sell my 2060 in fall if they come up with a really amazing card at the correct price point.


I just discover that nvidia is also require for accelerating 3d coat and he doesn’t support opencl so the choice is now crystal clear.


Finally it’s a done deal and i pick the MSI gaming z version since it come with a 1830 factory clock and review show it was as good as a 1070 ti.

(Markus Mayer) #29

A good decision.

For everyone interested about where to locate 2060 performance have a look at these charts.


I think it is currently the best bang for the buck on the green team and i found it bizarre that this card will probably sabotage their sale for gtx 1050, 1060, 1070,1070 ti, 1080 and their 2070.


Other than power, you might look at power usage. I believe the radeon rx 580 has less power consumption, which could make it even cheaper for you.

(Markus Mayer) #32

Erm, no I don’t think so. At least here in Germany the supplys of 10xx series cards are rapidly shrinking and the 2070 is still a good chunk faster.


Too late i already bought the rtx 2060 and it is the first nividia card i bought in my whole career.

Last time we wait for AMD to do something about opencl it took 2 years and i cannot wait another 2 years before everything is truly on par with cuda since recompiling the kernel each time you change a material could seriously hamper your productivity.

If AMD pull out a little miracle with navi on fall and they fix what is not working then i will gladly sell my 2060 to get back in the red team.


I didn’t want to go with the 2070 since there is a lot of rma and failure and the performance gain was less than 5%.

On the other hand i would have love to get the 2 GB of additional vram. The card was also 200$ more expansive here where i live. With a 50 to 70 $ difference i would have probably take the 2070.

(Markus Mayer) #35

Yeah, that’s reasonable. I came from a VEGA 64 and didn’t want to lose performance so I had no chance. I also wanted two cards for GPU passtrhough since I use the Affinity products and they don’t have a Linux version. But I also didn’t want to shelf out the money for two 2080s. So it’s 2070 for me.


Still a very good choice!

(Markus Mayer) #37

Yes I’m absolutely happy with them. And I’m sure you won’t regret getting a 2060 either.


More trouble with my new rtx 2060 since i cannot make it work with my Dell U2312hm displayport.

Before i was connecting this monitor to my dvi port on my old 7950 and my second monitor Samsung to the hdmi port but on the new rtx card i only have one hdmi and 3 displayport and connecting to Dell DP doesn’t work.

I saw a ton of search result with nvidia multiple problem with their displayport but nothing seem to solve my issue.

Since my dell is 6 or 7 yeard old i first thought that the display port version was maybe too old for the newer rtx card displayport but a computer guy from local shop told me it should work with any DP.

The only thing left for me to try is testing the 2 other dp connector on the card to see if it change anything but i highly doubt.

If this doesn’t work i will send back this card to newegg and probably buy an evga since their 2060 ultra have a dvi connector.

I also bought another dp to dp cable just to make sure i didn’t had a defective one and it’s the same.

(birdnamnam) #39

Are you sure it’s the GPU’s and not the monitor’s dp port? You must first check this.


Not a 100 % sure about the Dell monitor DP since i never use the dp since i have it.

It could be but i will still have to rma the card since having a dvi connector like on the evga card will work for me.

I am pretty sure the problem lie on the video card dp since there is even a version driver that is suppose to fix it but if i use this driver i will loose benefit from other fix they did on rtx tech.