RTX 2070,how do I make real time raytracing work in cycles

I want to use my new GPU’s rtx ability to have a real time preview render in view port, but so far it’s not allowing me to use the rtx ability, only Cuda. How do I fix this?

Not compatible yet, you will have to wait several months or even more.

You’ve been punk’d :clown_face:


  1. By being aware - there’s no support in Cycles & Eevee for RT cores
  2. buying 3rd party render engine that supports it (no official releases yet, only betas)
  3. learn GPU programming and integrate it yourself…
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Ah, OK. So I spent 600 dollars and now I have to wait for several months for it to even work. Yay.


You spent $600 without doing any research other than reading marketing hype.

Live and learn.


Just curious about what is your render time with this scene:

As I suppose you are using Blender from buildbot versions, it will not be included in the results template. But it would be nice to know render time of that card with that scene. Please, do not modify any value of the scene. And if you have activated Hybrid GPU+CPU, you remember to disable the CPU.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Has RTX support been announced then? As far as I know it’s not on the roadmap yet…

I wonder, will native RTX support even be possible from a licensing standpoint? I’m guessing support would require some sort of proprietary code integration.


So cycles CUDA rendering with RTX cards is working right now? Only viewport and Optix is not yet supported?

you wont have real time preview, that’s only in a game engine that combining rasterizing + ray tracing with some AI tools ( upscale & denoising ), the only thing you’ll get from an implementation of the RT cores are more speed, but it shouldn’t reach real time quality ( we’re talking about 15-30 fps mini )

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All I am interested in is basic CUDA rendering, the same thing we have now perfectly working with Pascal GPUs. When I hit the render button wit 2080ti will it render my image/animation in cycles?

i was replying to the first post, but i think with the latest experimental build cycles support the 20xx series card for cuda only