RTX 3060Ti Cycles Optix Review

Hi there,
so I looked through this forum to see, whether there are any reviews about performance of RTX 3060 Ti, as I believe, due to its price its going to be a most interesting model in the lineup. Yeah… sadly scalpers ruined everything and bought everything, but I managed to get hold of one card that I made a video about.

I show a few benchmarks, talk about things I found out make the render faster and even Optix denoiser, …

ps.: when I was looking for reviews for my particular last GPU, I found none, so I wanted to make it a bit easier for potential buyers.


Or you could get E-Cycles… It’s like slapping in a second GPU. And if you have three GPUs like me, it just rocks your world that much more. I think E-C might still be on sale for holidays.

No good if you dont have an RTX level card already.

Sorry, but that is not even a little bit true. Mathieu provides a CUDA version as well, and that certainly renders much faster than stock Cycles for folks with older GPUs.

I don’t believe you… I already have my system setup for the fastest render possible. And that occurs at 42x42 tile size with hybrid cpu +gpu and then i use OIDN for denoising. I sometimes use simplify and lower the AO bounces for more speed, also adaptive sampling…
Explain why E-cycles would be faster on my GTX1070 and ryzen 1700X… It sounds too good to be true so its probably not true. Thats why i haven’t purchased it.

Hi, it depends how much % your GPU is compare to your CPU, the 1070 is simply double as fast in E-Cycles and the denoiser is better, result in less samples.
You can post in the E-Cycles tread, may a user have a similar GPU+CPU as yours and can test. Will check your 42x42 setup, if it is not a joke about 42. :wink:
@cergina, excuse me for posting of topic in your thread, the video was interesting.

Cheers, mib

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Why is my GPU twice as fast in E-cycles? whats it going to do, overclock it to 3GHZ?
Also the denoiser OIDN i have a big node setup its superior to just a single node setup that most use. I denoise every layer. I’ve always noticed it do a better job than Optix.

For clarity, if i use GPU only render with auto tile size, it’s still slower than using 42x42 tiles and hybrid rendering on my system.

So yea E-Cycles would have to work some black magic to actually increase the speed of my GPU render, and i don’t expect it to cheat by using denoiser and fewer samples.

And you know what if E-Cycles actually did simply double my performance even compared to what i already do to optimize my render then i would consider purchasing it… bearing in mind i could potentially purchase another gtx 1070 for around £150 on ebay now. I have a 850watt psu and an Asus X370 pro it could easily take a 2nd GPU.

I don´t know how it work exactly but E-Cycles use 10 small Cuda/Optix kernels compare to 1 in Cycles, for example. There are examples for the denoiser difference in the E-Cycles tread.
Please excuse but I don´t want to post more off topic in this thread.

Cheers, mib

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Dude, just read through some of the E-Cycles thread and look at the benches. I assure you E-C is not powered by pixie dust and certainly is not snake oil. It is a very, very optimized version of Cycles. I was an Octane user for over 6 years and switched to E-Cycles over 18 months ago, and have been the happiest of customers. And FYI: I had three 980Ti when I started using E-C CUDA, which was like having six. Now I have three 2070 Super Hybrids, which (presumably - I haven’t done any benching) is like having six of those.

Okay, let’s give this bloke his thread back.

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Interesting, did you do any recent comparison against some newer 2.92 alpha? Does it still apply that ecycles is faster for still frames rendering?

In summary it is about as fast as a 2080 ti when rendering. Super impressive for $400

Well. E-cycles is paid afaik. Its super impressive what they say about it, but I have my doubts about it as I know how marketing works. But of course, for that price it is sure to be hell of a faster, as people would not buy it otherwise.

When it comes to Blender 2.92 I have glitches. Some frames are not rendered correctly, some are not rendered at all, especially when I turn on the new CPU + GPU OptiX combination. Whats funny is that those scenes that were rendered correctly were render slower, even tho GPU is supposed to take over the frames that are not finished by CPU… But hey, it supports ambient occlusion finally.

And no where to buy. Actually. I can’t even find GTX 1660S in Sweden.

Scalpers and miners are buying them all up. Scalpers alone is enough to make them unavailable. With both it makes them impossible to get.

Does anyone have any idea how to make a crypto currency course break down quickly and forever?

A customer protection law that makes scalpers illegal as it hits regular customers and inflates the prices, which in itself is illegal. There was this rich guy that bought most of a certain metal and tried artificially rise prices but was stopped.

Also the stores should get a penalty if they sell more than 2 cards per person. Or the first card is regular price, next card is twice the price, third card is 4 times the price and so on.

This is stupid. A shitty years with corona and now you can’t even get a ps5 or xbox or a graphics card.

I just want a CUDA card as AMD is pure shit.