RTX 3070 for Blender

I have just started learning Blender, as a hobby and I am planning to buy a RTX 3070(for gaming, blender and video editing) so my question is that, Is there any performance difference in the Founder’s edition cards and non Founder’s Edition cards, which should be preferred for blender, does the performance here goes similar to gaming i.e if card A beats B at gaming then that card will be better at Blender given both are RTX 3070 cards but can be FE or non FE and from different companies? I might not be able to get a Founder’s Edition card so which Non Founder’s card do you recommend, if you know any reviews where Blender benchmarks were done kindly mention those.

Founders editions should have better components. However there should be no difference.

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It will depend on if the non FE card is clocked higher than the FE card. If it is clocked higher it will render faster, just remember that a 5% increase in clock speeds does not gurantee a 5% decrease in render times. Your best bet is to select an AIB card and then find reviews for it to see if there is a decrease in render times.

One thing to note, since render times are long and the power increase is much higher than the clock speed increase when overclocking (e.g. 10% increase in power for a 5% increase in clock speed), you may prefer to have the cards at stock clock, for rendering.

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Ok, so there is no such thing that FE cards are better optimized for Blender with optix and/or cuda, all Nvidia cards fe or non fe will have same optimization for Blender with Optix and/or Cuda it’s just that, you have to choose your own desired performance, thermals, power consumption and brand. So If I don’t get a FE than can I get a non FE without worrying for Blender, right? I could not find Blender reviews of non fe cards only gaming benchmarks are there, Will the performance and comparison be similar to gaming, if I don’t find direct Blender benchmark then, are gaming benchmarks enough?

Software optimisations are done in drivers, FE and non FE cards will use the same drivers.

Correct they will work fine with Blender

I do not know how well gaming performance translates to render performance (e.g. 5% faster in gaming is 5% faster in cycles rendering). I think it would be accurate to say that the faster card in gaming (between the same model) will render faster, but i can’t be more specific than that.

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