RTX 3090 grease pecil


I have currently a gtx 1080 as my main gpu and I work a lot with grease pencil in conjunction with 3d models and meshes. I work with lot of meshes and objects in a scene. Will I benefit greatly If I upgraded to a much power gpu card like the RTX 3090 in terms if scene management or is it overkill?

3090 has 24g video memory, which is better than 1080

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What is your CPU and what is your amount of RAM?
You shouldn’t be having major problems with GTX 1080.
Do you notice problems when working with Blender or when rendering? Which render engine do you use?

Unless you are doing some extreme work you don’t need to go overboard with a top expensive card specially when they are more costly now.

Thanks but I do not have necessarily problems but a have budget that I can spend on some upgrades. My CPU is i7-6700K CPU. I use for now eevee but my use cycles in the future from time to time.

Thanks you’re right they are expensive now. I do have a budget to upgrade my pc, around 2500 eur. I was thinking upgrading the graphics card or the cpu.