Rtx 3090 + Motherboard compatibility question…


I have a MSI Prestige Creation motherboard and it has 2 (pcie 4.0 x16) and 1 (pcie 4.0 x16 “x4 mode”) and 4 (pcie 2.0 x1)

I want to have a quad RTX 3090 on this motherboard. Is it possible with risers and external power supplies?
Will the rendering capability be as fast connecting the RTX 3090 to the pcie 2 x1 motherboard with risers?

I want to fully utilize the rtx 3090 at full capabilities for fastest rendering.

Thanks for the help!

The PCIE will limit the speed at which data is sent to VRAM (the intialisation at the start of the render). But will not necessarily affect render speeds, unless data is being swapped with system RAM.

Some things note, I do not think that PCIE 4.0 plays nice with risers, you may need to switch it to PCIE 3.0 mode.
I am not confident that a GPU will work in a PCIE 2.0 x1 slot.